Conversational Marketing: What is it & What Does it Mean for Pardot Customers?

The way we communicate online is continually changing. In today’s on-demand world, users have come to expect a more personal experience; One that bypasses using forms and the traditional follow-up, days later.
So you may be wondering what exactly is conversational marketing. Conversational marketing is the use of live chat, chatbots, and social monitoring to cultivate genuine conversations and real relationships with your audience. It allows you to connect with your website visitors instantly to build a more extensive pipeline, improve sales, and engage customers, and improve their overall experience.

Why incorporate conversational marketing?
Conversations allow you to learn more and gain an insight into the person you’re talking too, enabling you to gather information honestly and openly. By creating a more human buying experience using CM, you can easily engage with your audience, and exponentially improve your customer insight at scale, and discover new lead sources for your business.

How will integrating Conversational Marketing with Pardot improve your business?

Engage with customers instantly online
The moment someone engages – a chatbot opens right on your website for your sales rep to have a conversation with your Pardot prospect.
Integrating CM – means you can qualify website visitors based on Pardot prospect data before routing to sales. This makes your qualification engine smarter and helps your sales team have contextual sales conversations with your most valuable prospects.

Make your email campaign and landing pages work for you
The moment your reader clicks through a Pardot email campaign, use a completion action to add to their Pardot score, qualify them based on a scoring threshold, and instantly kick off a live sales conversation.
Likewise, qualify prospects when they land on Pardot landing pages tied to a particular campaign.

Make it personable
A smart Conversational Marketing vehicle will notify your sales reps when a known Pardot prospect returns to your site and will greet them by name—creating a pleasant experience for your returning customer.

Be available 24/7
Incorporating CM means your business is accessible every hour of the day; accumulating enquiries and potential sales after working hours have finished. With the number of customers online at night and on the weekend, having the ability to contact your business when convenient for them is hugely appealing.

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