How To Boost Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement builds customer-brand relationships, strengthens brand loyalty, and increases word-of-mouth advocacy, which is a much more potent conversion tool than any other form of advertising.

If you see a drop in your engagement rates, here are our incredibly easy and tangible ways to boost your social media engagement asap across Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn .


Manually increase your followers – Check out who is following those in your industry, your competitors or industry allies and start to follow them.

Follow brands you’d love to work with – Start a private DM conversation to let them know who you are and that you’re interested in working collaboratively.

Be consistent – Make sure you’re posting across stories and feed at least 2x per day; during peak times.

Find your optimal posting times – Even though Instagram uses an algorithmic timeline now, optimal posting times are still important.

Be sure to use stories – this has become the prevalent feature on Instagram receiving 10x the amount of views.

Reply to comments on your posts quickly – engage with people who are engaging with you – don’t wait, make sure you respond within a 2-4 hour window.

Go back in and like your comments after 24 hours – it’ll give your post another boost.

Use Instagram Live – stream videos in real-time and encourage your users to interact with you by commenting on your video.

Plan your Instagram feed and improve it’s visual aesthetic. – Communicate your brand’s voice, personality, and help your followers instantly recognise your content when it appears on the feed

Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag – Create a unique set of hashtags to your tribe.


Post during peak times – post during the times with the most reliable engagement, from Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m.–8 p.m. To avoid the lowest engagement times, don’t schedule before 6 a.m. and after 10 p.m. every day.

Video on Facebook – Facebook values user attention, which means videos with longer viewing durations will see a bump in the ranking. It recommends doing videos for 3min or longer.

Post consistently: Facebook is placing an increased value on repeat reviewers. If you can keep your viewership coming back, it’s safe to say that you’ll see an increase in your video rankings.

Use Facebook Live and Facebook Groups – are effortless ways you can improve your organic reach. Encourage followers to join your group, then run Facebook Live events for those who are interested and engaged.

Target your content – you want to engage with people who are intrigued in you, your business or industry; so be thoughtful when creating and sharing content.

Join groups and post there – When you join a group has people who match your target customer, you’ll have many opportunities to improve awareness of yourself and your business by being helpful.


Make your content engaging – Rather than copy and paste articles, include a catchy description, imagery or video and some relevant hashtags.

Providing value for people who find it – clearly communicate your brand story and value.

Use keywords to show up in relevant search results – identify the keywords and phrases your buyers use when searching for your products and services and use them across your content.

Target your content for the professionals you want to engage with people who you can turn into customers. Make your content relevant to them.

Get your long-form articles right- Include links to further reading/evidence in your articles. Unlike links in posts, links in articles aren’t subject to any algorithmic penalty.

Join other LinkedIn groups and share content in there – Join various groups who have people who match your target customer, you’ll create more chances to improve the awareness of you and your business.

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