4 really easy ways to be innovative in the workplace

Innovative business practice creates opportunities for greater efficiency, cost reduction and a more committed and productive environment. So what are some effortless ways to harness innovation in your workplace?

Here are four ways to create an innovative workplace – starting today!

Involve your staff.
The first step in making your business more innovative is to build a culture where all ideas – the good, the bad and the absurd – are supported, valued and considered. Make a conscious change to challenge the people who work with you to create new and efficient ways to better internal processes and to improve customer journeys.
The power of involving staff in innovation is they are close to the action and can recognise opportunities for innovation-based on what they experience day-to-day.

Be Collaborative.
Business innovation does not always have to be driven from inside the company. Make time to connect and work with other brands & people outside of your business. Working with outsiders can provide you with ‘out-of-the-box ideas, different skills and knowledge.

Ask – what if?
Do some creative thinking by asking yourself ‘what if’?
Study your industry and challenge every part of the development, processes and consumer experiences currently attached to your industry. By examining these elements and looking beyond the traditional constraints, you will come up with new and exciting ideas.

Listen to your customers
The insights customers bring to your business are invaluable and can make all the difference in ensuring that your service/product not only solves their problems but also provides an exceptional experience they’ll keep coming back for repeat business. To keep up with your customers, it’s essential to continually ask yourself “What do my customers want, but don’t realise yet?” – this question alone lays the foundation for constant innovation.

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