Grow your Instagram followers in 2021 with these handy tips.

As Instagram continues to evolve and innovate – more users have been working to increase their presence. Here are some really simple ways to attract REAL followers in 2021.

Make sure your bio is engaging.
One of the first things anyone sees when they visit your profile is your bio! Don’t overlook it – its a vital part of making a strong first impression on your audience. Use your bio to list links to websites, introduce who you are, and explain what you do.

Generate a unique personality. 
How have you defined your brand? Do you use specific colours, tones, or moods? What style of voice do you use in your other marketing? Try to keep your Instagram feed uniform and make your entire brand cohesive across all social media platforms, including website and other marketing elements.

Use relevant hashtags.
Often forgotten or overlooked is the simple tool of using hashtags. It’s a certified way to reach more people and gain more followers. Find hashtags that are trending in your space and work out, which is suitable for your brand and content. Then use a mix of these hashtags across your content to reach people who follow those hashtags.

Create and promote your own branded hashtag.
Another innovative tool to create strong branding is to develop and promote your own hashtag. It could be unique to your brand or even a singular campaign. Brand-specific hashtags are an excellent way to increase your presence online and promote your new campaign.
It also works to encourage people to use it in their Instagram content – making you free user-generated content!

Optimise your captions.
Don’t forget about the copy! Although Instagram is a visual platform, your captions allow you to engage your audience further – by providing them personal, valuable or entertaining anecdotes. A great caption should tag people, ask questions and start conversations. The more you inspire your audience to comment, the more likely they will invite their friends to join in on the discussion.

Participate in popular conversations.
You need to be talking to your audience, not just talking at them. Why? If you don’t respond to comments, your followers simply aren’t going to interact with you any longer.
By engaging with people via your content, you show you are active and open to discussion and a real person behind the account.

Keep local to keep relevant.
Just as local SEO works for websites, local hashtags and geotagging works well for Instagram, you shouldn’t undervalue the importance of concentrating on your business’s local audience, particularly if your account is connected to a brick and mortar business.
Many people search for local content using Instagram’s search feature, and adding geotags can help you rank for those searches.

Make sure you have CTAs everywhere.
The platform hosts various avenues to add a call-to-action in your content quickly. Whether it’s a simplistic “swipe up to know more” on your Stories or “shop now,” CTAs can help you get your audience to take the desired action. The key is to be as creative as you can be to make people take action.

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