What does workplace wellbeing look like this year?

Now, more than ever, it’s critical to educate employees about mental health resources to avoid burnout, mental breakdowns and reduce suicide risk. This is why an efficient wellbeing initiative should be a significant element of your business. So what should you focus on moving forward?

Online mental health support

A significant change in 2020 was shifting the workplace from the office to the home. Given the movement of innovation in the mental health space, its a great time to explore the online ecosystem as part of your efforts to give your employees the best mental healthcare while working remotely in 2021. Look into apps such as Smiling Mind, Calm, Better health – all are online mental health providers.

Help employees work towards long-term goals.

A great place to start is by helping workers develop their careers and achieve their goals- this benefits your business and encourages mental wellbeing by guaranteeing staff feel happy with their job. It is an excellent opportunity for leaders to step in and enable staff to dedicate time to learning and development.

Establish regular get-togethers

After the year we just had, you cannot ignore the importance of healthy relationships with staff. Having a close connection at work has been linked to improved job fulfilment, fewer safety incidents, higher earnings and more engaged consumers. So start the new year with a few get-togethers and encourage people to communicate and connect regularly.

Designate wellbeing leaders

If your workplace is adopting a wellbeing program in 2021, it’s essential to have a designated wellbeing leader who can monitor and maintain the effectiveness of wellbeing initiatives. Even the best ideas can fail if nobody knows about them – having a leader means accountability, pro-active thought-leadership and someone to check-in on staff.

Survey your team to find out what’s working

If you’re unsure where to start in 2021, surveys are your go-to. Collecting feedback, suggestions and ideas from employees can help determine how they’re feeling and what programs they’d like to see in the workplace—making your efforts more effective, personable and rewarding for you and your business.

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