Culture Matters: How Great Startups Will Thrive In The Future.

Everyone knows culture matters — now more than ever — but when you’re just starting, it’s hard to understand how to evolve and influence it. To have a thriving workplace, you need to decide on the collective values, standards and ideals you want to see. Startup culture is separate from big business culture because it generally reflects the personalities of the team members.

Here’s what we think you need to build into your thriving startup to create a culture that will last.

Your intention.
When you determine your intentions, it becomes simpler to create a culture that fits. Remember, when your workplace culture aligns with business objectives, everyone, including you, wins! So, look at your mission, vision, and values and decide whether they truly reflect the beliefs and philosophies of your workplace.

Encourage innovation.
A key element of startups is generally their entrepreneurial spirit. Embracing a culture with innovation at its centre is key to successful growth. So why not give employees free rein to be creative and form a safe space for idea generation, where failure is okay and success is rewarded.

Make sure it’s part of every side of the business.
Suppose you want to create a culture that everyone will adopt in your newly started business. In that case, you need to insert the culture into every facet of your business to create consistency and authenticity.

  • Look at your current systems, procedures, structure, hierarchy, limitations, and more.
  • Make it part of the customer experience.
  • Be sure to imprint the culture into your marketing strategy and across social media content.
  • It should start from recruitment to onboarding through to training and development.
  • Performance management processes and work/life balance policies, and workplace traditions need to mirror your culture.
  • Make it part of the physical. Look into what people place at their desks, what the workplace hangs on its walls, how it allocates space and offices and the spaces staff use – does it reflect the culture of your workplace?

The right technology helps.
Yes, new technology can be expensive, but you should never underestimate its wonders. Technology may not single-handedly create or change a culture, but it can greatly impact efficiency and productivity. In a constantly connected world, you and your team need the ability and flexibility to communicate from whenever and wherever you are. We all know that technology is forever evolving, so it’s essential to stay ahead of the game and embrace the digital world to deliver more benefits to your team, keep the brand relevant and adaptive, and create a positive culture.
What should go into your start-up culture?

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