Proven Social Media Tips for Startups.

Social media can be your secret weapon to increase brand awareness and lead generation for your Startup; here are our basic tips to help your social media marketing efforts when just starting.

Don’t click share too quickly.
Before you start sharing content updates across multiple platforms, you need to do your research. Social media for startups requires a nuanced strategy – start by investigating your industry, the behaviours of your intended audience and get involved in various activities like forum discussions, getting to know about the needs of customers, and discussing and sharing your expert knowledge from competitors.

Find where your customers are.
Essential things you need to note when working out which social platform your customers are using. Instead of signing up for every social media platform, find out which platforms your customers use most

  • The geographical location of your target market
  • What are their behaviours?
  • How long do they spend on the platform?
  • How often do they use social media?

Use the same handle for every platform.
As part of your marketing strategy, you need to create a uniform handle for each platform you plan to use. Consistency is essential when creating a unified customer experience. Using the same handle for every social platform will make it easier for your potential customers to find and follow you.

Create a high-level social media marketing plan
Once you are done researching and creating our handles, it’s time to design a high-level outline for every platform. Don’t be too specific on details just yet – draft a plan based on your marketing KPI’s and the content your want to share.

Don’t spread yourself too thin.
While your competitive side wants to win popularity on every platform, There’s no need to spread your time and energy across them all if you cant produce helpful and good content. It’s a better bet to focus and perfect your presence on a handful of platforms. If you focus your energies on media where your consumers already are, you’ll likely see better results.

Build a brand message
Before you start building out your social content, you really need to be clear on who you are and the vibe and ethos of your business. Determining who you are from the starting line will influence the message and intention of your content. Decide what you want to say and speak to your potential customers in their language.

Don’t repost the same message across networks- Optimise content for each platform.
Posting different types of content on each platform – shows that you’re paying attention to what your audience wants. What you post on LinkedIn should NOT be what you post on Tiktok.
Tailor content for each channel; use the suitable copy for your captions and use the right hashtags for each platform.

Use social media marketing automation tools.
Don’t waste time doing it all alone – there is a marketplace full of apps and tools to help ease the burden of social media management.
Marketing automation tools can help you schedule and deploy social media updates from one single dashboard. We love Lately. The platform intelligently lets you syndicate the content you create across numerous accounts, making it one of the advanced social media management tools.

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