Create A Space Where Staff Will Work & Drive Your Business Like Leaders.

Are you looking to build a culture where everyone performs like a leader? Your employees are your greatest asset, so why not treat them as peers, not subordinates?

Here’s how to create a space where staff will work and drive like leaders.

Be a supportive leader.
Employees need to have a manager that encourages them. Your team will be more productive, efficient and loyal when they have a strong relationship with you.

Create a free-thinking environment.
Employees need to have the autonomy to make decisions around their work. If you create a space where people can be authentic without anarchy, you will foster connections, create springboards for great innovation and facilitate the development of trust and respect amongst your team.

Provide development and goal setting.
Employees want opportunities to grow and develop in their work. Help your staff build their careers and achieve their goals- this benefits your business and encourages mental wellbeing by guaranteeing staff feel happy with their job. It is an excellent opportunity for leaders to step in and enable staff to dedicate time to learning and development.

Make yourself available.
It’s easy to get stuck in the daily grind and never really interact with your employees outside of asking when you will get that report you assigned. However, showing your team that you appreciate them can be almost as important as proving you understand them as employees; a great way is to chat with them sometimes about things outside of work.

Encourage positivity.
If you want to encourage positivity, you need to lead by example. Staying positive will serve staff by lowering stress levels and creating an overall confident workplace. For example, if you notice staff morale is down, show a healthy example by smiling more, complimenting co-workers, and encouraging gratitude among your team.

Get them started on the right foot.
The first day at work shows your newest member that the start of an exciting new chapter is beginning. Don’t overdo it with the formalities. Instead, make day one about meeting the team, getting to know the business and mission and familiarizing themselves with the work routine and antics. Onboard them with enthusiasm and get them excited for the future.

Trust your employees.
One of the best ways to build trust is by trusting! As a workplace, establish routines that enable staff to keep up with what’s going on without micromanaging. Schedule weekly or monthly check-ins with your team, listen to their ideas and concerns and keep them up-to-date on company developments and updates.

Give them a slice of the business.
One great way to remove the common hierarchy we see in business is to give employees buy-in options. Not only does it incentivise productivity and accomplishments, but it can also empower employees to think and act like business leaders and allow them to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams within your business rather than leave.

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