Improve Your Customer Journey With These tips.

Here are our reliable tips for business owners to grow and refine business activities as we head into a new year.

Grow your online audience with an effective landing page
Focus on designing a great looking landing page to compliment an upcoming campaign, e.g. live-stream event, podcast and a new product or service. Add an attractive graphic or design, a benefits-oriented message. And capture peoples information through a compelling call-to-action. A CTA is the one thing you want visitors to do on your page and will be your primary conversion metric.

Reach out to all your clients and make it personable.
Nurturing existing customer relationships and following up on leads is an essential part of growing any business. So use the month of June to let your clients know you value them; make it a priority to reach out to them personally.
Remember: a happy client is more likely to bring in more revenue, introduce their friends and family to your business, and remain loyal to your product or service.

Track your customer’s behaviour
Take this time to look at which blog posts produced the most engagement? Which EDMs were opened, and where did your audience click? Which social post themes are gaining more traction. These are just some of the metrics you can look at to guide your next campaign.

Determine your technology and resource needs to grow and develop.
Do you need to add automated processes to create higher efficiency and improve your brand’s performance online? With automated chat-bots, email follow-ups, or reminders, you can significantly add a lot more value to the overall experience your customers have with your product or service. You can automate your business development processes to optimise your sales and marketing campaigns with the right technology.

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