Fav tips on how to make your content work.

Social media is one of the most vital tools for any business. It’s how we engage with buyers and audiences. It’s how we build confidence and connection.

When you include a mix of different content styles on various platforms, you will likely attract a wider audience and build an engaging experience for those interacting with your business.

So, tip number one is that your content must be original; it needs to capture consumers’ attention daily and break through the noise of their ever-evolving feeds.

The next tip is planning is everything!

Here are some other OITC favourite tips on how to make your content work for you

Keep long-form content going.

With hundreds and thousands of pieces of online content every day, it takes a lot of work to break through the noise. But there are really easy ways to get your audience to love your blogs. Through engaging and successful articles, you can improve the reader’s experience, build a faithful audience, and use your blog to help establish your brand and increase leads. A great place to start is to look into what your audience likes and for content similar you might want to write. Find the gaps, see what engages you as a reader, and start there. Your blog’s intention should be to educate and entertain your readers. If your posts are valuable and informative, you will have a steady stream of repeat traffic.

Video is still number one. 

Video is undoubtedly more engaging as it combines our visual and auditory senses. If you’re looking to up your content game, then video is your ultimate storytelling tool – you can quickly get your message across to your consumer. Try incorporating How to use videos, customer testimonial videos, and behind-the-scenes and event coverage videos. All are great content examples to improve customer engagement and brand awareness – and the beauty is you can now easily snip it, re-use it and share it across every social platform and get outstanding outcomes. 

Try your hand at podcasts.  

As our pace of living changes, people value their time more than anything else and want meaningful content to be readily available anytime. Listening is a sense that can be done on the move, following your customers anywhere they go. The best part is the limitless possibilities; by offering longer and conversational content, unlike the bitesize nature of video content, you can personally connect with your listeners and share honest and meaningful content through a natural style of promoting ‘sales’ messages.

Influencer marketing continues to be everywhere.

The key to influencing now and in years to come has shifted to focusing on Micro-Influencing because they are the perfect vehicle to help distribute content. Why? Firstly, their content and recommendations are authentic, genuine and natural. Secondly, they tend to have solid and engaging followers, and finally, most importantly, they manage their content, so it’s an easy partnership to address. 

Always User-Generated Content. 

No one knows you better than your clients. They know what it’s like to interact with you and your business; they have employed your service and have handled your product, so why not leverage their positive feedback to create new interest? Let your happy clients tell your wider audience how great your business is. When a testimonial is leveraged well on social media, it can earn your business a competitive edge, develop brand recognition, improve growth, engagement and sales, and grow loyalty. Use video or image-based testimonials on social media and watch the immediate progress across your marketing goals and KPIs.

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