Give yourself a boost this month with these easy to do strategies.

Do you often find your workday spiralling out of control? The last two years have given us an unparalleled mountain to climb; it has been challenging for even the most dedicated and hard-working employees to keep motivation and productivity levels high.

So take charge of your time and energy, learn what to focus on and let go using our tips below.

Start every day ahead of the game.

No matter how busy you are, the key to boosting productivity is to be prepared and organised from the moment you wake.
It’s pretty obvious, but the more prepared you are, the more confident, relaxed, and efficiently you can operate throughout your day. Start by:

  • Making priority lists,
  • Set weekly or daily goals,
  • Schedule in calls and meetings, and get a clear picture of your calendar for the week.
  • Decide what you’re going to wear the night before

Yes, the above might seem a little compulsive, but surprisingly, you can easily carve out time for exercise, family and friends when your work life is organised.

Think outside the box.

The most successful leaders have the same 24 hours and access to information as the rest of the planet. Yet, they set themselves apart by thinking differently than everyone else. So take a page from their book and continuously question how you can improve an experience, product or service. Instead, get creative, learning something new, get in touch with industry friends to promote growth on a personal and business level.

Take notes.

When your mind is cluttered, writing them down can help you reduce your cluttered thoughts, and when you’re super busy, taking great notes can help clarify your thinking and focus on what matters. Try – actively taking notes during conferences or client communications can help identify and summarise the most notable points very quickly. Taking notes not only helps you learn more information, but it’s also the key to boosting your productivity.

Be proactive about exercise.

There’s plenty of ways you can fit exercise around your work life. Just getting up every hour and going for a walk around your house or doing some stretches will go a long way. You may choose to start your day with a light exercise if you are a beginner or pump up some iron if you are a pro. Exercise every day for 15 minutes or more to keep your muscles moving and active – this will make a world of difference to your productivity and overall happiness.

Master a new skill.

Why not spend time learning something new? When you spend time getting skilled in something new, you keep your mind engaged, increase your adaptability, open doors to new opportunities and you ultimately stretch yourself and move to the edge of your comfort zone.

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