What makes a great leader even better? 

Generally speaking, leaders are confident, empowering, and inspiring. They value their people and encourage development. So what can you do to embrace these valued leadership qualities and become a better and more effective leader?

Understand what sort of leader you are.

Do you know your leadership style? One great way to get better at leading is to understand what your strengths as a leader are. Then, decipher which areas of your style need some improvement. One way to begin assessing your skills is to answer these questions.

  • How do you make sure projects and tasks stay on schedule?
  • What are your goals – for you and your team?
  • How do you handle disagreements on your team?

Encourage your people to be creative. 

Boosting creativity will allow your people to stretch their limits but not become discouraged by barriers to success. To be a great leader, you can inspire your employees to share their knowledge, experience, skills, suggestions and recommendations by leading by example and sharing your creative thinking and actions in the workplace. 

Be a passionate leader. 

Passion elevates productivity and ensures employee commitment to your vision. You can develop this leadership quality by thinking of different ways to express your enthusiasm for your work. 

Be loud and proud about your team’s progress and share the small individual wins with your team. 

Get feedback.

Trying something new gives you new perspectives. So as you develop some new leadership qualities, don’t forget to look to your team for feedback and inspiration. Keep a mental list of what has been influential in the past and look for new and different ways to encourage, drive, and reward your team. 

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