The Top Things Your Employees Want From You.

Yes, pay raises and better benefits are part of what draws people to want to work for you, but in this new climate- this is what your staff really wants and needs. 

Give them a purpose. 

Employees that find work meaningful are more likely to be engaged with what they do. Engaging employees through purpose is about connecting your company purpose with their purpose.

They want responsibilities

Sometimes the most challenging part of being a leader is sharing the load, yet in most instances, your people want your trust, and responsibility should come.

Let them work. 

It’s essential to give your employees freedom over how they work. Autonomy can also help build a solid workplace culture that appreciates people’s work and creates a sense of job security.

Give them flexibility. 

Your people want to have a say over when they work. A flexible workplace not only reduces staff burnouts and creates a workplace sought-after by the next generation of workers – it gives power to the individual and allows them to find a plan that works for them. 

Give attention

Personal attention leads to self-confidence, and self-confidence is one of the essential needs for happiness. However, just because you’re giving people the control they crave doesn’t mean they don’t want your guidance and feedback. 

Offer opportunities for innovation. 

Innovation is essential not only to the growth of your workplace but also to the effectiveness of your people. By encouraging creativity, you’re launching an influential in-house think tank that can help your business achieve its goals.

Be open. 

When your employees come to you with their ideas, you need to listen.

Being open-minded with your staff ideas will allow you to see things from a different perspective or how things can be applied in new and unique ways. 

Be transparent. 

Trust and transparency have become a popular demand as workers want the curtain pulled back. So the solution is simple, Your employees should be aware of where your business is going – so when you send comms to your leadership team or stakeholders, send the same comms to your staff.

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