What tech tools can you use to be a better leader

In a dynamic, tech-driven business climate, leaders need to be on their toes all the time. You may have great intentions for your business, but being an effective leader can be complicated – here are some easy ways tech can help you be a better leader. 

Use tech to manage time and productivity, 

Leaders in the 21st century connect with their employees, encourage engagement and stimulate performance through apps and tech tools. These tools can help you be more productive, organised, and effective in managing time and tasks, which leaves more time for you to be an effective leader. Collaboration tools to be incredibly helpful in leading my teams, especially in today’s era of remote work. 

Offer wellbeing initiatives online.

With time being an issue for most of you in leadership positions. One of the most exciting ways to use technology is accessing wellbeing initiatives while working from any location. Because mental health doesn’t have an off switch, neither should access health and wellbeing programs.

Search out for a professional mentor or business coach.  

Having a mentor can help you build your skills as a leader, strategist, and innovator. In addition, an exceptional mentor can lead you toward making sound choices that positively affect your business, including funding requests, networking, sustaining growth, and delivering on projects. 

Here are some excellent probing discussion starters: 

  • “What was the process you used to build your idea/business to find your ‘why’?”
  • “What values drive you?”
  • “What has been your biggest failure, and what did you learn from it?”
  • “What is one thing you wish you would have done, that you didn’t?”
  • “What is something you thought was important but has turned out not to be?”
  • “What were your goals at the start of your career?”

Listen to leadership content.

The on-the-go construction of podcasts is perfect l for busy leaders and is an excellent opportunity to add personal and professional development into your day. Here’s what we love right now.

► The GaryVee Audio Experience is ideal for entrepreneurs, Business Owners, startups, & anyone who needs some kick-ass life advice. 

► How I Built This is ideal for business owners, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and anyone seeking inspiration. 

► Masters of Scale is ideal for Business owners, entrepreneurs, startup founders and anyone seeking inspiration and life lessons. 

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