Here is our list of the top trending influencer marketing trends.

The Rise Of Micro-influencers
The key to micro-influencer success is in their name. They may be relatively micro in reach, but they genuinely influence people’s decision-making. With small but strong followings, they are as powerful as you can get as their engagement levels tend to be high. Given that many micro-influencers create their content and manage their accounts, brands can easily connect with them and be featured more frequently.

Niche Influencing
With brands becoming more strategic with influencers’, we will see fewer people featured across industries and more of a specialised approach.

Data is queen
If you want to be a successful Influencer beyond today, you will need to use numbers to attract brands and companies. Analytics will be a massive part of what attracts a brand to an influencer.

Create real content
Brands are now interested in working with influencers who are not just amplifiers but communicators. With audiences wanting real and authentic content, the new influencer marketing trend is to create genuine content that keeps users engaged without looking too filmy or sponsored.

Partnerships are everything!
TikTok is already there – we will see more influencer partnerships between known profiles. In this space, collaboration is critical, and brands can see how influencers working together will ultimately generate more content and increase audiences’ numbers.

Focus on Performance Marketing
Big brands now have a much clearer idea of how their money works in the influencer market. With a high focus on individual performance and insights, we will continue to see influencers in 2021 being paid on a pay-per-performance-based deal.

Ongoing Influence
The days of influencer marketing as a “one-off” strategy are over. In 2021 Influencers will be contracted on an ongoing basis to increase brand loyalty and attention. Rather than switching influencers for every campaign, influencers gain their mantle because of their authenticity and ability to build trusting relationships with their followers.

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