The cheat’s guide on how-to post to social media.

Social media is basically a full-time gig these days, and like you, we know how valuable tricks and tips are to getting the most out of your post can be.

So we created a short but valuable cheat’s guide on how-to post to social media.


Use one image instead of a series of images and let your reader see all of the information on their feed at once rather than having to tap and scroll through it.
Linkedin prefers ‘native content’, so uploading videos directly to Linkedin rather than linking them from YouTube may lead to more engagement.
Link to more blog posts from the OITC website that target businesses or potential customers to keep them interested in following the posts.


Make sure your account name is the same across all social media, including YouTube. – The more consistency across social media platforms, the better – i.e. name & spacing between words.
Pay attention to your thumbnails. See which are working for you and stick with that format. At OITC, we discovered our YouTube thumbnails garner more clicks than without- leading to more views.
Create a Channel Trailer that plays when you open your channel. Use it as an opportunity to introduce the viewer to your workplace, staff and the types of videos they can find on the channel – just another clever way to get people to use your service.


Provide excellent information on your business & what it offers through the ‘Book Now’ button.
We suggest using longer videos on Facebook as they seem to have the most engagement.
Make sure to link to your website where possible. If you want to share a PDF – create a landing page and direct the user there, include links to your website and other social media. This way, your user continues to interact with your business online.


Put effort into Story Highlights – This feature is much more effective if you have multiple highlights that feature the different types of Instagram Stories you create, i.e. products, behind-the-scenes etc.
When posting to Instagram using YouTube videos, remember to link to the video in the bio or direct the viewer to the YouTube channel so that they can find it easily.
Create a good looking grid, use simple and aesthetically pleasing visuals. Make sure any text within your image hasn’t been cut off. Posts like this are more visually appealing on the Instagram feed.
Post MORE stories every day with simple things; updates on your business, funny out-takes from videos, interviews with staff, links to blog posts or videos, amusing anecdotes etc.


The big trick with TikTok is to create different content than you would for YouTube – your audience on TikTok is there for entertainment and not tutorial videos.
Add more interviews, business updates, fun anecdotes, bloopers etc.
Make sure you’re posting more frequently to help with engagement.
Videos with text are really great too and visually stand out to the viewer.
Remember, 2.5 million Australians are using TikTok – over a 50 per cent increase in Australia in 2020 alone.


Unlike other platforms – Twitter requires a more aggressive content strategy – so get posting and make it frequent. Anywhere between 3 – 7 tweets a day will get you noticed.
Make sure to engage with other content on the site- retweeting relevant content. Choose content from within your industry.
Use built-in features like polls to engage with your followers.
Do you know when your audience is on Twitter? Test it out and watch your insights and remember, there is no point in tweeting when people are sleeping.
Yes, Twitter is about the minimal characters; that doesn’t mean you should forget the visuals – images are better at stopping serial scrollers and encourage them to look at your post.

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