How to Become Insanely Efficient in Your Workday

It’s tempting to look at highly productive people as AI or magicians, but by studying how they work efficiently and overcome the challenges we all experience in our work life, it’s possible to boost your productivity too.

So how do the most efficient people overcome challenges like… procrastination, deferring the small tasks, overcoming boring work that needs just to get done? How do they remain motivated and energised throughout the entire workday and keep focused on the important projects?

Here are our top 3 findings from observing those freakishly productive people…

They create ‘focus-time’ & reduce their distractions.

Sometimes, it seems as though our workplaces have been designed to break our focus. Productive people do these simple things to focus in on their work and reduce those distractions.

  1. They put away their phone for a specified time during the day.
  2. They know and spend a small amount of time managing and cleaning their email inbox. They turn emails into action items, low priority emails and remove old emails.
  3. They don’t check their social media all day – they schedule a few moments each day for posting updates or answering messages.
  4. They make a point to change your work environment to regain focus and to do deep work without distraction.

They are constantly improving their workflow process.

Spending time streamlining your work and developing an efficient workflow will help you power up your productivity. Here’s how to do it.

  1. The first step towards improving workflow is to list every process and then do a thorough analysis.
  2. Then it’s time to look for opportunities to improve
  3. Keep your process simple, break it down into discrete steps and aim simply towards the desired outcome.
  4. Take a good look at the list of processes you have and rate each process on the scale of 1 to 10.
  5. Layout every step included in the process that you are following to get work done effectively.
  6. Use a workflow software solution- These tools and apps offer advanced features and capabilities that make the complex business process more accessible than ever.

They have an efficient daily routine

It’s fairly common knowledge that the secret to success is a killer daily routine. So why have one? Think about how much time and energy you waste when you are thinking, questioning and trying to work out what lies ahead for each day, querying which task or activity to conquer first. Creating an efficient routine from the moment you get up to the moment you go back to bed will mean you wake up and simply start acting rather than procrastinating.

While everyone’s routine will be different. Some key things to factor in to keep your productivity and happiness levels high is to make sure you include exercise into your mornings, to eat healthy throughout the day, take short breaks frequently, learn to stand up from your desk and stretch and prioritise human interaction and connection

Thanks to daily habits and self-discipline, you can clearly see when things get out of your hand allowing you to rearrange your schedule and adjust to possible changes. A killer routine will help to keep you focused and productive.

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