Why Your Business Should Embrace New Technology

In 2020, your digital strategy can make or break your business. Why? As younger generations enter the workforce they have the expectation that who they work for are continually using new technology that can help them to achieve their objectives, work flexibly, and be innovative in their role. It’s indisputable that the digital revolution is transforming the way we want to work.

So what are the positive impacts that follow when you embrace new technology?

Positive Impact #1
Efficiency & productivity will go through the roof!
Business continuity today seems impossible without the right technology in place and you already know efficiency and productivity are vital for success, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that embracing new technology can help improve everything from communication, collaboration, customer experience to increasing profit and to reducing on-going expenses.
Make sure your business doesn’t get left behind and choose technology that supports the way your business wants to work now and in the future.

Positive Impact #2
No one will want to throw their laptop out the window
We’ve all felt it at one time or another.. slow, outdated computers and a terrible internet connection can lead to serious frustration and loss of productivity in the workplace. Giving your teams access to new software, high performing wifi and upgraded devices will give them the confidence they need to work more productively and creatively. Providing the latest technology allows teams to collaborate and communicate based on their unique needs.

Positive Impact #3
You will be seen as forward-thinkers
As younger workers, particularly those from Gen Z, enter the workforce, they expect their work experience will mirror their personal experience – Versatility is second-nature to them, just as it will be for the generations that follow.
Consider the type of workplace you want to be now and in the future, ask yourself questions like…will we allow flexible work hours? Will staff continue to work from home post-COVID-19?, If yes, you may be better placed purchasing a laptop rather than new desktop computers and monitors, then think of matching the right device you purchase to the needs of the role and end-user. Asking this question should be part of your overall business strategy. It will not only save you capital but will show new employees that you embrace new technology and are a workplace of the future.

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