How to Come up With Fresh Ideas During Isolation

Ever have those moments when you’re really stuck for fresh ideas? While we’re all cooped up and self isolating in our own homes, you might be lacking inspiration. It can be daunting when the creative juices stop flowing and you struggle to find the thinking space to create outside the box. So, here are our CEO’s ideas on what to do when you need to come up with fresh ideas during isolation.

Get up and go for a walk.

Walking for clarity isn’t an innovative idea but it’s one of the easiest and least expensive forms of moving meditation. Ever noticed how great you feel when you’re moving in the fresh air? The science behind it is pretty simple – When you move your body, you are oxygenating the brain, which then gives you the room to generate new ideas.
The alternative to walking in silence is to use the time to listen to business books or podcasts – which could present you with fresh ideas/ perspective from industry experts.

When you go to the toilet – DON’T TAKE YOUR PHONE.

This is similar to the sentiment that we come up with our best ideas when we’re in the shower. The purpose of eliminating the habit of taking the phone with you to the toilet is to give yourself so little distraction while in there, you are forced to be with your thoughts. Remember to keep a pen and paper handy for when those fresh ideas pop into mind.

For this one, I want to acknowledge Aston Kutcher – who mentioned this recently on a podcast we listen to.

Try to think like a child.

Recently, thanks to my 4-year-old, I’ve been reminded of how simplistic and straightforward the view of the world a child has. In those moments in business when you struggle for answers, try to employ a strong sense of curiosity and simplicity to the problem. Sometimes all it takes to reveal a fresh perspective or solution is to strip down the problem to its most basic aspects ( like a child would). So many things in business happen due to habit or past experiences, so thinking like a child helps to break this pattern.

Talk to Someone completely disconnected from the business to get a fresh perspective

We often seek out advice from mentors within our industry or profession, which is great but at times can be limiting. I find speaking to someone totally detached from my business, can give a new perspective to an obstacle and can generate a ton of fresh ideas. Nothing gets my creative juices flowing like a session with a lot of smart people from different walks of life and different business experiences. The more important element is to gather with people you respect. Remember, fresh ideas can lead to new business opportunities.

Try out these tips for your own isolation inspiration and let us know how you go!

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