How to show your employees you love them

How often do you show your employees that you love them? And no, we’re not talking about romantic love; we’re talking about the LOVE you should have for the people who work hard for you. 

OITC CEO Theo Kanellopoulos’s daily attitude is that he works for his employees and not the other way around – why? Because this lets him own the mindset of appreciation and gratitude for the work they put in. 

We can all agree that when someone goes out of their way to recognise that you’re doing a good job – it boosts your mood, job satisfaction and want for workplace collaboration. 

Here are some really simple ways to show your team you love them.  Learn their stories.

Do you know your employees? This is a really easy one. Take time to get to know your employees and their stories. Knowing and understanding who they are outside of their job performance will give you better insight into managing, communicating, and motivating them- leading to better productivity and job satisfaction.

Set a strong work-life balance example.

This might be through fun or education group activities, flexible workdays, or encouraging your employees to spend some time recharge in their days. Whatever it might be – making it known that you prioritise your wellbeing will lead staff to follow. Creating a fun, flexible work environment shows you care and love your team. 

Acknowledge their contributions with meaningful recognition

Being recognised by team leaders publically is a totally different feeling than being thanked privately. Put some thought into how you acknowledge them. Public support is a great and meaningful way to inspire and motivate your employees; some ideas include – featuring them in a client newsletter or calling them out during a team event. 

Make yourself available.

It’s easy to get stuck in the daily grind and never really interact with your employees outside of asking when you’re going to get that report you assigned. Showing your team, you appreciate them as people can be almost as important as proving you understand them as employees. And a great way to do that is to chat with them sometimes about things outside of work.

Setting your employees up for success directly impacts their wellbeing and self-worth. Are there any policies, tools, people or equipment keeping an employee from completing their daily work and reaching their goals? Removing whatever roadblocks there might be will increase workplace efficiency and boost performance & productivity.

Cultivate positivity. 

If you want to encourage positivity, you need to lead by example. Staying positive will serve staff by lowering stress levels and creating an overall confident workplace. If you notice staff morale is down, show a healthy example by smiling more, complimenting co-workers, and encouraging gratitude among your team.

Respect Your Employees.

Employees treated with respect and kindness are much more likely to stay. If a staff member is going through a difficult time, show your support by checking in on them regularly and offering them a safe and flexible work environment. Treat all your workers fairly and show that you value them with your words and actions. Listen to their interests and do your best to address them. Communicate clearly with your employees and explain essential decisions to them. If you treat your staff members well, they will likely reciprocate the respect you show them.

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