Make Your Business Processes More Efficient by Starting Here…

With so much going on in any business especially a growing one, it can be easy to overlook whether your current processes are working or if they need to be adjusted. Improving business processes will improve your business (we promise!).

Start using a project management tool

A great project management tool will drive you to map out your workflows, everyone will then know and can clearly see what tasks must be completed, who will be completing them, and when they need to be finished by. When a workflow process is laid out simply, business leaders will spend less time micromanaging, less time following up with questions and everyone can visibly see where business processes are at in realtime.

Tip: The key to this working is making sure everyone uses the workflow management tool. It might take a while to get all staff using it efficiently so be patient and keep reminding them of the benefits.

Use online channels to improve customer experiences

Don’t forget – without your customers, there is no business. So make sure you prioritise finding new and refined ways to enhance your customer’s experience. If you are currently using manual systems to process requests, feedback and complaints – now is the time to invest in the appropriate technology, so your business doesn’t get left behind – Having a streamlined workflow for requests and customers interactions will improve everything -trust us!

Start here…

  • On your website, provide easy to spot areas where customers can find answers to their questions or seek answers from others within the community.
  • Create multiple e-mail accounts as a way to improve customer service and quickly respond to certain needs or help requests depending on what they’re needs are. e.g. Info@, feedback@, customerservice@ and marketing@

Change the way you communicate with staff to match the new way we’re working

The simplest change to make is to improve the lines of communication. Now that employees are working from anywhere and at any time, business leaders are realising that email is no longer the right tool to use and that remote teams can’t stroll over to the next desk to ask a question. which is why it’s even more important for managers and workers to talk frequently, having productive conversations about the status of their work; things will get done more efficiently, to a higher standard, with less confusion.

Look for opportunities to automate

Automation is one of the quickest and simplest ways to build proficiency in your business processes and make each process more engaging and fulfilling for you and your staff.

Here’s how you can identify and implement automation opportunities:

  • Begin by listing all the manual processes that your business currently uses.
  • Review those different processes and how employees manage each process.
  • Work out where the limitation and difficulties lie within each process.
  • Speak to employees and ask them how they think the business can improve processes.
  • Then implement new automated processes
  • Next, foster an environment in which your team feels empowered to deliver honest feedback and strengthen the new processes from there.

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