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Our Picks from Summer ‘24 Release for Salesforce

The Salesforce Summer 2024 release brings exciting new features to improve your CRM, AI, data integration, and overall business confidence. 

At OITC, we’re thrilled about AI and data cloud technology advancements. These innovations allow us to offer our customers more personalised, predictive, and secure solutions, revolutionising how they interact with customer data and make business decisions. 

Here’s what our team are most excited about:

  • Einstein Copilot and Data Cloud: Providing our customers with conversational AI and seamless data integration to enhance their workflows and decision-making processes.
  • Industry-Specific Solutions: Offer tailored solutions that address the unique challenges of various sectors, ensuring our customers get the most relevant and effective tools.
  • Advanced Features: Leveraging new features like Intelligent Document Processing, Cross-Object Merge Fields, and Commerce Intelligence to help our customers drive efficiency and growth.

More key Features from the Summer 2024 Release: 

Sales Cloud: Conversation Signals

Get insights into how competitors affect your deals, helping you stay ahead.

Service Cloud: Field Service Actions

Boost mobile worker productivity with a customisable AI assistant in the Field Service app.

Marketing Cloud: Cross-Object Merge Fields

Personalise messages using custom objects and strings related to each individual.

Commerce Cloud: Commerce Intelligence

Drive revenue growth with real-time analytics, automation, and personalisation powered by Data Cloud.

Life Sciences Cloud: Participant Enrollment

Streamline the process of screening and enrolling participants for clinical trials.

MuleSoft: Intelligent Document Processing

Extract data from documents in any format with AI-powered accuracy.

Slack: Native AI Integration

Increase productivity with AI features built directly into Slack.

Platform: Salesforce Backup

Customise backup schedules, identify records and easily restore files.

Data Cloud: Vector Database and Write to Data Cloud

  • Vector Database: Combine and index all your data for better automation, analytics, and AI.
  • Write to Data Cloud: Speed up your Data Cloud journey by integrating CRM Analytics datasets.

Education Cloud: Data Importer for Common App

Import first-year student data seamlessly, speeding up recruitment and admissions.

Nonprofit Cloud: Einstein 1 Sales and Service Edition

Reduce costs and increase value with a single AI-powered offering and better data.

If you want more information on the latest Salesforce Summer 2024 release features, contact OITC today.

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