Taking Your Online Presence to the Next Level

If you are one of the lucky ones where your business has been allowed to continue to trade, now is the perfect time to think about how you can invest in online strategies. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a deep slow breath and know that the team at OITC have got you.

Below are our super-simple ideas on ‘How to take your business’ online presence to the next level” and be prepared to cater to the new normal during this unprecedented time.

Firstly, let’s make sure your website has the following:

Great site navigation
Look at this from a user’s perspective. How regularly do you visit a website and find the navigation is unclear? Make sure your navigation is straightforward and consistent. Not everyone enters your site through the home page so keep navigation constant across the site and use clear page names to describe different elements of your site.

OITC Tip: Go through your site today and play with the navigation and make adjustments straight away if needed.

Create video content
If you want to make sure your site visitors understand what your business is all about, try adding a video background to your website. its the ultimate storytelling device, and can easily get your brands message over to your audience. Additionally think product reviews, How to use videos, customer testimonial videos, behind the scenes or event coverage videos.

Include client testimonials
No one knows you better than your clients. They know what it’s like to interact with you, your business, they have employed your service and/or have handled your product, so why not then leverage their positive feedback to produce new business? After all, customers trust each other more than they trust your brand.

OITC Tip: Collect client testimonials and turn it into great content. If you don’t have any onhand, email, call or DM your clients now.

Make sure your images are high quality
Your website images speak to your audience and communicate different information than your content. High-quality images are extremely engaging and can improve any website. From an impressive full-screen image on his homepage to a breathtaking photo gallery – this is an easy way to engage with your audience. Update any low-fi images or images that are outdated. Don’t have any new images, there are plenty of great stock image websites out there!

Secondly, let’s focus on Killer social media content!

Use Live Video Now
Right now Live video has become an indispensable social media strategy for businesses, we’re all craving connectivity during this experience, and most are seeking out companies and brands they can trust. Keep people updated on your business’s current circumstances by going live – this will help to create an important bond with your clients and allows them to connect with you immediately.

OITC Tip: Don’t wait, just jump on-line now and just say hi to your community.

Create Light-hearted content
With what’s transpiring in the world right now, one sure way to get people interested in you and your brand is to keep things light and entertaining. Laughter is a remarkable healing force during dark times. Take this time to tell stories about your brand, your employees, your community causes, and your vision.

Up your presence on social platforms
This is the perfect time to form an intimate connection with your community online. we’re all feeling a little nervous about our lack of in-person connection. What we’re suggesting to our clients is to start Live Chats with your audience, ask your followers questions through Instagram stories or Facebook, formulate interactive surveys or questionnaires and produce short videos and post on Instagram Stories.

OITC Tip: Feeling overwhelmed with social media, ask all employees to get involved in your social media strategy.

Update/ Change the way you sell your product or service
If you are a product-based business, think of new ways your potential buyers could benefit from your product during isolation and market those changes, through Facebook & Instagram ads.

Lastly, and most importantly!

Get up close and personal online with your community.

Its time to adjust your mindset and messaging. Whether its with clients, potential clients, followers and/or subscribers, now is the time to Keep communicating! If you send out weekly or daily emails with ideas, promotions, account statements, keep doing it. But instead of solely focusing on selling your product or service, provide a safe space by sharing stories, offering compassion and practical ideas while in isolation. If you’re communicating B2B; share your ideas on how you are keeping morale levels up and maintaining your business during this time.

Stay focused on having a positive effect on your client/audience relationships.

Looking for guidance on any of the above, or just a general chat about business. The team here at OITC are here for you. connect with us today.

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