Top 3 Ways of Using Client Testimonials to Increase Your Audience and Sales

No one knows you better than your clients. They know what it’s like to interact with you, your business, they have employed your service and/or have handled your product, so why not then leverage their positive feedback to produce new business? After all, customers trust each other more than they trust your brand.

Here a three really easy ways to use your client testimonials to increase your audience and sales.

Use your Social Media
This one is easy, use your social media channels! Let your happy clients tell your wider audience how great your business is so that you don’t have to!
A positive customer review will serve as more than a glowing review, when a testimonial is leveraged accurately on social media it can earn your business a competitive edge, develop brand recognition, improve growth, engagement and sales, and grow loyalty.
Use video or image-based testimonials on your social media and watch the immediate progress across all of your marketing goals and KPIs.

Turn your testimonials into content
Another way to highlight your testimonials is to spread them throughout your blog content. Embedding testimonials into your content gives you the chance to develop a story, get creative and will tell your readers something more while enticing them to purchase or go with your service. Use different types of media to add creative elements to your content i.e. video, and podcasts
The best way to think of it is, is a current client using your goods or service in a way you never thought of? Why not Interview them and feature their experience, or create a piece around ‘how-to-use your products in unique ways’ and integrate multiple testimonials into the piece.

Use your client testimonials as case studies.
This one can take a little more time but gives a deeper insight into how your product/service advanced your clients’ practices. The main benefit of using case studies is it takes the reader through each step of helping the client and gives a full story of the relationship with your company.

Using a testimonial as part of a case study showcases your brand and successes. It also puts your client’s business in front of a new potential customer base.

Follow these 4 steps to turn your testimonial into a valid case study.

  • Make sure you can use the name, business name of your client. Visuals are a bonus – think video or high res images.
  • Talk about your client’s needs or problems and why they came to you.
  • Explain what you did to solve the problem, outline how your product or service was used to solve their obstacle?
  • Show or outline the results: Note the numbers in increased sales, showcase the results of exposure through social media, list the better-operating contingencies, and talk about their extremely positive and rewarding experience with you or even touch on the high level of customer satisfaction.

If you haven’t started the process of obtaining customer testimonials for your business, it’s never too late to start!

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