What do you need to take your UX into the future?

Designing for users means having their best interest in mind. Neglecting certain elements, as scary as they may seem, can easily make your website outdated. While we know that great UX needs to look great, function well, and communicate your message clearly to your audience – there are some pretty cool additions that we believe are the future of UX design.

Here’s what you need to take your UX into the future.

Add voice
Voice UI (VUI) is one of the latest trends finding its way into website design. Thanks to Apple, Google, and Amazon and of course 2020 – we are all searching and engaging using our smart home devices more than ever. This is why it should come as no surprise that the demand for VUI commands is growing. The main benefit of a VUI is that it allows for a hands-free, eyes-free way so your users can interact with a product while focusing their attention elsewhere.

Showcase the brand ethos throughout the site
There was a time when you would find everything you need to know about a brand on their about page. However, recently, we’ve seen a rise in UX design that centres around demonstrating a brand’s ethics, showing the user how products are made or services are rendered.

Real-time interaction
Put simply, if your website doesn’t offer this type of experience, you’re getting left behind. Real-time functionality is already commonplace across booking and e-commerce sites. Now it’s moving into product and service interactions -think live chats, real-time commenting sections. With real-time functionality, you can increase customer satisfaction.

Interest in Augmented Reality is exploding as different industries explore how it can improve customer experience and the interaction with products and services. This rising popularity has focused on interfaces that can be easily adapted to a camera overlay: modest buttons, dynamic labels and 3D pathing. Beauty leader, Sephora, created a VR app for in-store use to show their shoppers how makeup products will look on their face via their phone’s camera without the need to try the product on or pre-purchase it.

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