How to Get the Most Out of Your CRM

Are you struggling to market to your audience effectively? Not sure how to get the most out of your CRM?

A powerful CRM allows you to manage customer relationships and manage them through the businesses workflow. The way a CRM does this is by compiling details about the customers who interact with your business.

A well-designed CRM will collect data from various channels like your website, EDMs, your social media platforms and events. Customers should then be segmented to guarantee all your outgoing comms are targeted and personalised – improving your conversions.
A great CRM can help you maintain and manage relationships with existing customers, prioritise leads, measure results and effectively shape future campaigns to ensure better resolution and can follow individual customers throughout the entire journey with your service or product.

So whether you’re just starting with your CRM, or you need to power an existing one, here are six simple to ways to get the most out of your CRM:

You need to provide training for staff
It’s essential to have decent training in place for your employees when implementing a new CRM or when migrating to a different platform. There needs to be a notable investment in time and preparation so that everyone within your business can hit the ground running and use the platform to its entire potential

Make the changes incremental but significant
It’s always best to execute any changes to internal processes gradually, so everyone has time to get on board and become proficient.

Make sure everyone is using the CRM, not just sales!
Yes, a CRM is known as a sales automation system, but it shouldn’t just the sales team who use the platform. Make sure to include all staff in the on-boarding and training processes.

Have a universal set of practices in place
It’s crucial to have unified practices in place so that your data is consistent across all channels.
For example, in what format will certain information be entered?
Ironing out these practices ahead of time will streamline your data input. Don’t forget to have regular data’ hygiene’ inspections to guarantee consistency.

Learn to use Automated Tasks
Task automation is, without a doubt, the most useful feature within your CRM. Set your CRM to send automated emails for new and returning customers, redirect them to your knowledge database, create reports, send invoices, notifications to staff, and use hundreds of other automatic tricks.

Create successful marketing campaigns using your CRM
For a marketing campaign to be powerful, it needs to designed with well-defined audiences in mind. You can create these targeted campaigns with the help of your CRM. Now that your CRM is filled with useful customer data – you can use it to inform which campaigns should be directed at who and what content that audience would like to see.

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