Still Working From Home? Here are 5 Reminders to Keep you Sane

Keep that dedicated space
While working from home you may have already shifted where you workspace to your couch – make a u-turn and head back to that dedicated workspace.
Yes, the sofa is fun and comfy, but to remain productive, you need to keep as far away from any distractions. To stay healthy, you need to sit on a chair, not lounge or slouch. To keep work within work hours, keep your dedicated space active – and stick with them.

Make a point to get out of the house
We know every day is starting to blend into one, but you still need to make a conscious effort to get outside. In the same way, you would go out for lunch, dedicate some time while working from home to go outside for fresh air. Take a walk while on a call, or if you absolutely can’t be bothered move your make-shift workspace outside for a portion of the afternoon to get some Vitamin D.

Don’t lose touch
For some of us, working alone at home can feel unstructured and isolating, so make a conscious effort to keep in touch with your workmates. Keep up those friendly co-worker interactions; we’d go as far to suggest securing in a morning and afternoon 10-minute call to kick off the day and wrap up the day. Check-in regularly and help to keep peoples spirits up!

Planning is still important
Continue to write down the essential things you want to accomplish throughout the day, and then schedule them in. It can be hard to stay motivated without a team around you ( especially now we’re so deep into working from home), so by writing things down; you make yourself accountable.

You need to get dressed
It would be best if you put some clothes on. We know its tempting to roll out of bed and start working in your pyjamas, but it’s a psychological trick.
Think of it this way, if you don’t get ready for the day, your day never really begins – so instead of working from home, you are virtually just at home, with the occasional work check-in. To separate work and home, you need to get dressed and do whatever else you would if you were heading off to work. Then at the end of the day, apply the same rule – close your laptop and get changed into your comfy clothes. These actions will help to cement your hours working and when home life starts.

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