How to self-care during the silly season – in and outside of the workplace?

Get creative
Scheduling time to be creative is a great way to boost productivity and cope with the workday. Making time to focus totally on your chosen creative outlet, be it writing, painting, playing music or singing in the shower, nurturing your creative side will leave you feeling fulfilled and increase your self-esteem. Getting creative can directly impact how you function in the workplace and social interactions.

Look after your body.
Stress is natural, and it has a genuine impact on your body. You can help ease the strain on your body by eating well, getting enough sleep and drinking enough water. Rely on quick fixes in stressful times. Take small breaks throughout the day and stretch, and when you finally get home. Making sure that you get a decent amount of sleep and resisting the urge to watch television or check your phone late at night are great ways to ensure that your body has ample time to recover and prepare for the following day.

Learn to relax
Always being ‘on’ doesn’t make you any more productive. Being able to relax and learn breathing and meditation techniques, practising yoga, or participating in any other relaxing, mind-body-focused activity is a great way to destress and declutter your mind. This relaxed feeling will flow over into other areas of your life and help you focus on what’s vital in a peaceful way.

If you’re still working from home…

Make a point to get out of the house.
We know every day is starting to blend into one, but you still need to get outside. In the same way, you would go out for lunch, dedicate some time while working from home to go outside for fresh air. Take a walk while on a call, or if you absolutely can’t be bothered, move your make-shift workspace outside for a portion of the afternoon to get some Vitamin D.

Planning is still important.
Write down the primary things you want to achieve during the day, and then schedule them in. It can be hard to stay motivated without a team around you ( especially now we’re so deep into working from home), so by writing things down, you make yourself accountable.

Block out time for yourself
No matter how quick, constant obstructions to workflow can make you feel more hectic and can reduce your productivity. Our simple trick is to block out time in our calendar every day and use that time to get through your workflow peacefully.

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