What is the Metaverse, and what do you need to know about it?

What is the Metaverse, and what do you need to know about it? 

Simply put, a metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection.

➖ The Metaverse allows a new and radical democracy of space and physical presence – we can create spaces that will enable everyone – in even the most globally dispersed organisation – equal access. That means everyone can share the room with senior leaders. In the Metaverse, frontline workers can have after-work drinks with the CEO.

➖ We will have the ability to shape the environment we inhabit around our work – We’ll be able to create and enter new VR, and AR spaces are optimised for various kinds of tasks. Want to focus and go deep on a creative project? There’s a VR room for that. Want to brainstorm with the team, and need to generate creative energy? Use AR to add dynamic digital elements to the standard conference room you’ve been assigned.

➖ The Metaverse will transform professional Learning and development. The Metaverse allows instructors of all kinds to move from screens to VR and AR spaces; this will facilitate a shift from telling to genuinely showing.

➖ VR and AR technologies will allow you to take your perfect desktop setup wherever you go. That means multiple virtual screens arranged how you like them. A virtual keyboard that you summon as needed. Alerts and notifications, on or off. The benefits are enormous for designers, artists, coders, and many others working with multiple screens and a complex tools dashboard.

➖ We’ll be able to create highly realistic 3D avatars – virtual representations of ourselves – that mirror our body language as we speak, and we’ll enter VR and AR environments using those avatars. That means remote meetings that feel as though you and your colleagues are sharing the same room, with all the benefits to communication, trust and authentic connection that this brings.

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