Where is marketing automation headed?

Marketing Automation continues to play a key role in business as businesses hustle to create a more engaging, targeted, and personalised experience for their customers. 

So what can you expect from marketing automation in the near future?


In an overcrowded e-commerce and content world, your customers search for brands that provide a more personalised experience. According to Hubspot -80% of consumers are more likely to purchase when brands offer personalised experiences. 

Creating personalised content is key to your retention marketing efforts and can build your customer loyalty index. By combining social listening, user attributes, on-site behavioural attributes, and past buying data, you have an opportunity to develop a highly accurate customer profile. When you really understand user preferences and buying habits, you can move beyond simple segmentation into hyper-personalised and predictive buying habits.  

Machine Learning + AI-assisted platforms 

Predictive Personalisation is what small businesses should be working towards adopting. With larger companies already using machine learning to read data and create content to boost their engagement efficiency – it’s not long until smaller businesses jump on board. 

Machine Learning + AI-assisted platforms will be a lifeline in future campaigns as touch-points increase, and your user progresses in their life cycle. Technologies like Natural Language Processing & Deep Learning will automate the study of your customer’s behaviour, online activity, and understanding of speech and language patterns to create hyper-personalised user personas.

Chatbots are gaining popularity with your customers.

Chatbots are intelligent assistants that communicate with people through text messages or instant messaging online. They provide a simple and easy way for any size business to upgrade its customer service, to monitor consumer data and collect insights, answer common FAQs, check on order status and provide quick solutions to product issues or queries. The best part is that they can be integrated into applications like Facebook, WhatsApp or websites.

Automated Social Media Marketing

We can all agree that time spent on social media has increased tenfold in the last two years. And moving into the future, the demand for more social screen time will increase. As a result, the intelligent automation of social media marketing will be on everyone’s agenda; As a business, you want to connect to the right audiences with your messaging at the right time in a user’s lives to maintain high contextual relevance.

As organic visibility continues to fall on some social platforms, ad targeting will increase and begin to mirror that of Google Adwords.

As younger generations become key buying demographics, businesses will need to be prepared to target them where they are- this includes spaces such as Tiktok. 

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