What music should you be listening to in the workplace? 

Beyond providing background noise, music has improved both productivity and mental wellbeing. Listening to music can help people manage stress, become motivated and stay constructive.

Classical music for improving focus

Not losing focus is crucial when you’re working on a task where you have to use every brain cell. In this instance, classical or instrumental music can help with creating a focus-inducing environment. 

Lo-fi for relaxing and stimulating creativity

Lo-fi or low-fidelity music is ideal for creative tasks because it creates a mood rather than amusement. The drum loops and other elements in lo-fi songs can increase brain activity, elevate mood, calm you down, reduce anxiety, and boost your creativity.

Ambient and nature sounds for de-stressing

Do you know that extremely calming feeling when, after a stressful day, you walk to your nearest forest, listening to the beautiful bird songs, the sounds of leaves shaking in the branches, and that magical stillness calms you down instantly?

One song on repeat for achieving flow

Playing one song on an endless loop might sound like a strange idea at first, but it works wonders in helping you make your workflow more efficient. How? 

Video game music for stimulating thinking is problem-solving

Video game creators put a lot of resources into creating the perfect soundtracks to help players focus. The music is great for logical thinking because it involves solving puzzles and dealing with intense situations, making you subject yourself to simulated, stress-causing challenges. 

Cinematic music for inspiration and motivation

If you need a little boost of inspiration while trying to complete a task, cinematic music might work wonders for you! Cinematic soundtracks will empower you, dramatically lifting your mood simultaneously. 

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