10 tips on improving team efficiency & productivity according to Salesforce.

As one of the largest enterprises in the world and a leader in developing productive and seamless experiences for customers, we lean on Salesforce’s guidance on how to encourage and enhance workplace efficiency and productivity.  

  1. Start by choosing, hiring, and leading a team ready to collaborate.
  2. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way at the (virtual or otherwise) office. 
  3. Giving short reminders to breathe, get mindful, and focus is a great way to break up the workday and encourage perspective, calm, and creativity.
  4. Set company goals – that you strive for together. 
  5. Understand your workers by learning what special skills each team member has and have them coach each other for continued growth and learning.
  6. Be open to your people; the more your team has insight into leadership direction and decisions, the more aligned and productive they’ll be.
  7. Create a central source for your workers. It’s important to create and maintain a shared space or doc, website, spreadsheet, or something else with broad access and the correct data.
  8. Be a mentor within the workplace. Offer your people feedback regularly, and lead them by asking questions and not giving them the answers. When people reach decisions by themselves, they learn. And when people are learning, they’re engaged and productive.
  9. Ensure the proper devices are available for your staff to help them get their work done more efficiently.
  10. Be part of your workplace community. The more people you know and build trust with across the company, the easier it will be to partner with them on projects and get things done efficiently.

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