Productivity apps we use to help us daily!

The market is flooded with project management, productivity apps, and platforms tailored to business owners – it’s hard to know where to start and which can really help your employees and business – 

Here are our favourite productivity tools they use to stay on top of everything.

Store on Google Drive or Dropbox.

Upload all files into ONE shared place, saving time for everyone

Use messaging apps for internal comms.

Real-time responses allow coworkers to collab in real-time, making updating schedules, sharing facts, or sending links to go faster than they usually would

Have a great CRM.

A CRM will instantly improve the sales and service team’s productivity by removing manual tasks, combining marketing and sales efforts, etc.

Use design apps.

Apps like Canva are the go-to for everything from making basic photo edits to designing social media images to flyers and documents – saving time for anyone who needs to manage social media accounts. 

Keep track of time.

Using the Pomodoro technique – an app like Pomodor is a web-based tool designed to keep you on track. 

Keep your inbox clean.

Use an inbox cleaner to guarantee your inbox is neat, clean, and organised.

Automate emails with Pardot.

Automated email marketing lets marketers maximise their connection with customers at scale.

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