Our Key Takeaways from the 8th Edition of Salesforce Marketing Report

The 8th edition of the Salesforce Marketing Report has just been released, providing valuable insights and trends from a survey of 6,000 marketers and an analysis of over 2 trillion marketing communications. Here are the key takeaways:

  1. 87% of marketers believe their work now delivers greater value compared to a year ago, despite economic uncertainties.
  2. Brands are using innovative channels and tactics to engage customers and build strong relationships.
  3. Marketers are adapting to privacy regulations and shifting towards first-party data to balance personalisation and privacy concerns.
  4. Investments in collaboration technology are helping remote teams work together effectively.
  5. Marketers are tracking more metrics and using real-time intelligence to gain a competitive edge.
  6. Customer values are prioritised, with 85% of marketers aligning their messaging with corporate values.
  7. Optimising technology and demonstrating marketing ROI are ongoing challenges.
  8. Experimenting with new strategies is a top priority for marketers, driven by changing consumer preferences.
  9. Building and maintaining customer trust remains a challenge.
  10. Strategic investments are made in advertising, employee retention, and personalised messaging.
  11. Account-based marketing is gaining traction in B2B marketing.
  12. Trust is highly valued by customers, especially during times of change.
  13. Modernising tools and technologies is a priority for marketers.
  14. Balancing personalisation and customer comfort is a focus for marketers.
  15. Collaboration and teamwork are essential for marketing success.
  16. High-performing marketers analyse real-time performance for a competitive advantage.
  17. Continuous innovation is crucial for remaining competitive.
  18. Inflation and supply chain disruptions pose challenges for marketers.
  19. Retaining employees is a complex task for marketing organisations.
  20. B2C and B2B marketing budgets allocate significant portions to content, account-based marketing, events, sponsorships, and technology.

Looking ahead, marketers need to nurture a skilled talent pool and focus on improving skills in content marketing, campaign strategy, creativity, data analytics, and communication. Addressing talent gaps and upskilling teams will be crucial for building a future-proof marketing organisation.

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